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Sarah was a supporting character in the HBO television series Avenue 5, and portrayed by actress Daisy May Cooper. She was part of the ship's Bridge Crew, along with Mads and Nadia, whose forte was turning the lights from white-blue to red or green.


Sarah appears a rather ditzy and vacuous woman at first glance yet she can think on her feet when needed. She is outspoken and fairly happy-go-lucky.


She is a slightly larger woman with shoulder length blonde hair and bold red lipstick. Sarah is always seen in her Bridge Crew uniform which consists of a white and blue dress, although, her scarf differs from everyone else as Sarah's is a bold shade of pink. While watching a commercial of her after her death Ryan Clark describes her as having a 'potato-y grandeur'.


As one of the actors portraying the Real Crew it is Sarah's job to sell an idea to the passengers. She is basically there to look busy and appear professional. However, she does actually control the lights as well as the raising and lowering of the ship's wheel.

Character Biography[]

Before Avenue 5[]

Sarah was originally a hand model which she is very proud of and actually points out in the third episode of season 1. The comment actually gives the episode its name; I'm A Hand Model.

Avenue 5[]

She was appointed as one of the Bridge Crew actors where she was provided a series of lines and a uniform to wear. She believes that she got the role because Sarah is both her character and real name. Sarah is also in control of the lights and bringing the steering wheel up and down. She is the only one of the actors who actually does anything real.

When the ship ends up venting human excrement in Wait A Minute, Then Who Was That On The Ladder? Sarah is quick to make up a fake story about Ryan Clark in which she claims he saved her life twenty years previous when they were mining asteroids. She says that her harness broke and that Clark saved her using his own. Clark says 'oh now you can act' as she tells this false story with tears in her eyes and afterwards everyone present applauds.

Sarah starting a conga in He's Only There To Stop His Skeleton Falling Over.

In He's Only There To Stop His Skeleton Falling Over she is seen wandering drunk through the ship during the Half Way Home party with her fellow Bridge Crew. They run into Billie McEvoy and Frank Kelly where she spins a tale about Clark being 'horny and hairy as a tomcat' as well as an outlandish story about Ryan having once 'put a baby up' her. These lies only make Frank even more concerned about his wife and Captain Clark and eventually result in Frank punching Ryan a short time later.

After Captain Clark is replaced by Spike Martin in This Is Physically Hurting Me she straggles to keep up the act along with Mads and Nadia since they know that Spike actually has space knowledge and would figure out they had no idea how to do their supposed jobs rather easily. She also has Clark's hairpiece sat in front of her almost like a trophy. Stupidly she tells Spike that none of the equipment on the bridge actually works even while Nadia wildly gestures for her to stop. When Spike finally figures out everything on the bridge is fake he rushes to tell Billie, Clark and Judd while Sarah and Mads follow. Sarah only makes the suspicions of the passengers worse by letting it slip that they're all actors When Judd puts Clark back in control as captain his hairpiece - which Sarah had been carrying around - is returned to him and when questioned as to why she has it Sarah replies that it's because she fancies Clark.

Even after seeing three other people die going out the airlock she still rushed to be jettisoned as well thinking it all a game show, However, she changed her mind right as the door shut, this was too late though and Sarah dies; her hand smashes into fragments as she's sucked out into space.


Ryan Clark[]

Though not entirely sure if it's from the real her or her character, Sarah is attracted to Captain Ryan Clark, an attraction which leads to her carrying his wig around for most of This Is Physically Hurting Me. She's made several untrue statements about Clark saying he's constantly horny and even goes so far as to claim he'd once gotten her pregnant; although she is very drunk when she says this. her attraction to him is also part of the reason she's always quick to jump in and fabricate stories to make him look good, most notably when she tells everyone on the bridge that Ryan had saved her life twenty years previous while mining asteroids. For the most part Ryan ignores Sarah and regards her as weird and a bit of an idiot.


  • "Yeah, and I'm a hand model, so I am qualified actually." (Sarah to Clark)
  • "Normal. Dramatic. Normal. Dramatic. You get the idea." (About the lights to Clark)
  • "And if we're airing our grievances here, I've been in character for four weeks now and it's starting to take its toll creatively." (Sara to Clark)
  • "He's a dog." (About Clark)


  • Sarah loves Improv.
  • She keeps notes on her character in a little notebook.
  • Sarah often lies.
  • She is attracted to Ryan Clark though doesn't know if it comes from real Sarah or her character Sarah.
  • Sarah appears in an infomercial for the bridge after her death in Eight Arms But No Hands.