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Nadia is a supporting character in the HBO television series Avenue 5. She is portrayed by Julie Dray. Nadia is a member of the Bridge Crew along with Mads and Sarah.


Nadia comes across as scatterbrained for the most part and becomes easily flustered when asked questions she doesn't have a scripted answer to.


She's a beautiful, very thin, woman with flowing brown hair. Like her fellow Bridge Crew she is always seen in her uniform; a blue and white dress with blue scarf.


Like every other actor on the bridge, it is Nadia's job to appear busy and in control of the ship while the Real Crew below do the actual work. She sits to the right of the captain's station and often appears to be hard at work calculating things.

Character Biography[]

Avenue 5[]

Nadia had been acting her role aboard the ship's bridge for four weeks before she and the other actors learned that Ryan Clark wasn't a captain and was actually just an actor like them. She then has to continue to pretend for Herman Judd but is otherwise free to do as she pleases during the day.

During Wait a Minute, Then Who Was That on the Ladder? Nadia is given a headset by the Real Crew below and given lines so she and the other Bridge Crew actors can perform a play of sorts for Judd, Iris, Karen and the other passengers which goes quite well until the wetsuit ruptures and spews human sewage out into space on a livestream.

With her actual job known to most of the main crew Nadia is left without much to really do but does enjoy taking credit for the ship being saved during the Half Way Home party in He's Only There To Stop His Skeleton Falling Over, though this could be due to her being intoxicated as she wanders the halls with Mads and Sarah. She even tells Frank Kelly that he should 'leave it to the professionals'.

When Matt Spencer goes missing after the deaths of seven people - one of which being Sarah, her friend - Nadia is pulled into the search for him. Despite missing Sarah very much she willing goes to look for him with Billie McEvoy and Jordan Hatwal in H Sector. She steadily grows more and more distraught over Sarah's death making her basically useless to Billie and Jordan. When the group stop looking for Matt to have a drink Nadia just sits there sorrowfully while still crying and eventually bursts out about how Sarah would always say three instead of two when using the saying 'who's up for a drink or two'. Billie gets Jordan to tell her a joke which is about Jordan's fictional son's funeral. Nadia finds this hilarious but not for the reason Jordan had intended, she calls it 'bleak but funny' and thinks it's is funny because no one would want to have a baby with Jordan.

After a fight breaks out over who can have the seat in the shuttle she makes a case for her going as it is 'what Sarah would have wanted' yet Mads quickly bursts her bubble by informing her that he'd never heard Sarah say a nice word about her.


  • "Well, we thought you were flying the ship. You've got the steering wheel." (Nadia to Clark)