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This Minor Character's page lists all the notable characters to have appeared on the HBO television series Avenue 5.

Aboard the Avenue 5[]

Jordan Hatwal[]

Season(s) Episode Count Portrayed By Status
1 6 Himesh Patel Alive

Jordan is a recurring character in season one. Jordan was hired as a stand-up comedian aboard the Avenue 5 and labelled as 'The Funniest Man in the Universe'. He is seen struggling to prepare and later perform his comic act thanks to everyone aboard the ship being depressed and angry about the gravity shift incident and the series of issues that befall them all afterwards.

In I'm a Hand Model he is forced to stop in his tracks when one of the transparent coffins floats past the window directly behind him; this kills the mood and his show becomes practically impossible afterwards.

Jordan on stage

During He's Only There To Stop His Skeleton Falling Over Jordan finds it hard to rehearse his jokes thanks to an unhelpful stage crew, and later Iris Kimura makes it practically impossible for Jordan to make any observational jokes by restricting the things he's allowed to mention for one reason or another. Matt Spencer further worsens things for Jordan at the Half Way Home Party when his introduction goes on far too long and is littered with negative statements about how excited people should be. Jordan hardly gets more than a sentence out before Iris or one of the passengers interrupts so nothing ever comes across as funny and at one point Herman Judd actually marches up on stage to yell at him. Despite all these set backs Jordan persists and tries to perform without losing confidence, but eventually gives up when the passengers try to have Frank Kelly thrown out one of the airlocks and Captain Clark is forced to step in.

While everyone's use of the oxygen is restricted in Was It Your Ears? he is seen on stage while a large red sign indicates 'no laughing', this forces Jordan to tell his jokes in the most unfunny way he possibly can and it works; Matt actually praises him for this.

In Are You a Spider, Matt? Jordan sees Billie McEvoy as she cuts through to engineering and recognises her as the woman who saved them from the wetsuit rupture; he's the first person other than Clark to do so. He asks to try some new material on her which she accepts though she hardly pays attention and quickly leaves as she's too caught up in her work to notice Jordan's attempt at flirting. Despite this she does join him at the bar later for a date where the two chat about his comedy though she ends up rushing off when Clark accidentally gives her an idea.

During the mad search for Matt Spencer in Eight Arms But No Hands he is sent with Billie and Nadia to H Sector to search. After a while they stop searching and break for a drink and conversation where he tells Billie about a new show he should have been staring in a production called 'The Smasher'; Billie isn't overly impressed by the simple and yet ill thought out plot but tries to be supportive. With Nadia's sorrow over Sarah's passing getting worse he's convinced by Billie to tell Nadia a joke. This works surprisingly and makes her laugh but not for the reason Jordan had hopped.

When Jordan talks Judd into staying on the ship during the season one final he only does it to get a seat and hopefully return to Earth, this clearly ends his and Billie's blooming relationship. He's also thrown off the shuttle a few moments later by Doug and Mia. However, after a whole host of people on and off the shuttle Jordan grabs the bag of Joe's body parts and gets back onto the shuttle, again this fails when Iris drags him off.

Harrison at the Captain's Table

Harrison Aimes[]

Season(s) Episode Count Portrayed By Status
1 2

Paterson Joseph


Harrison was one of the VIP passenger aboard the ship who had a known wealth of three trillion dollars according to Iris Kimura. He was a rather uppity man who thought most of the other people on the Avenue 5 were beneath him in both class and importance; it is likely that this belief transferred to everybody he met not just the passengers. Harrison hated Herman Judd and insisted on using the nickname 'Fudd' when addressing him because it got under Judd's skin. While he had an intense dislike for Judd, Harrison took an instant liking to Captain Ryan Clark due to a firm handshake and a fake dedication to his job, when he stepped in to take some of the pressure off of Judd himself; Harrison even invited Clark to golf.

Harrison's overly tall avatar for virtual golf.

Due to the comms being down because of Jupiter interrupting the signal Harrison wasn't able to talk to the people running his companies and it resulted in profit losses which he blamed Judd for. As a result he planed to sue Judd for all he's worth and destroy him, unbeknownst to Harrison, Judd and Iris counter-planned and got Clark to charm Harrison out of it. The plan didn't yield much success though as Captain Clark had a breakdown due to the failing of his marriage and stormed out after making a scene at dinner. Harrison followed Clark and witnessed the announcement that they could possibly get home in just six months, this once again made Aimes a firm fan of Captain Ryan Clark.

During This is Physically Hurting Me Harrison continued to irritate and berate Judd for his own amusement by showing off the fact he would donating two golden bowling balls which he claimed to love more than his current and previous wives. This goads Judd into attempting to bowl one of his Beatles skulls across the hall in front of everyone. Harrison later learned about the shuttle coming to get Judd and went to ridicule him as well as threaten him about it; Judd reacted to this by doing a poor English accent which left him looking stupid rather than mocking Aimes. Unaffected Aimes continued and said he'd drop all legal action if Judd gave him a place on the shuttle, this forced Iris Kimura to finally step in and scare him; Harrison informed them both that he wasn't scared of women and elected to leave even though it was quite obvious he was scared of Iris.

Harrison eventually dies when the passengers and some of the crew become convinced they are all part of a prank television show and haven't actually left Earth at all. Along with several others he elects to go into the airlock thinking that it would let him out of some sort of studio set and instead is frozen and flushed out into space.


Season(s) Episode Count Portrayed By Status
1 1 N/A Alive

Kayden is the first baby born in space at the start of Was It Your Ears? He was born at 11:05 aboard the Avenue 5 and known simply as 'Space Baby' by the crew and passengers until a name was selected. Captain Ryan Clark is the first person to hold him even before his own mother and is quite amazed by the child. When his name was announced by Iris Kimura the passengers - specifically Mia - labelled the name as 'an asshole name'. Herman Judd insisted on 'executive producing' the birth and has the mother's placenta and the umbilical cord flash frozen. Judd later becomes jealous of Kayden as the baby has inspired hope for the crew while everyone essentially hates Judd.

Unfortunately, Kayden develops jaundice - a condition which causes the skin and eyes to become yellowy due to a build up of bilirubin in the body - and has to wear an oxygen mask in his incubator. This angers most people when they find out as they believe they're running out of breathable air (which is untrue). Iris - who had previously been exceptionally pleased about Kayden's birth - goes so far as to say 'he's fine. Just laying there with his oxygen mask. Greedy little fuck'. It turns out that the beep no one had been able to discover a cause for was the ship telling them to recalibrate for the added life aboard rather than indicating an O2 leak.

On Earth[]

Stan and Cris Clark[]

Stan and Cris Clark in I Was Flying

Season(s) Episode Count Portrayed By Status
1 2 Sanjeev Kohli (Stan)

Ginny Holder (Cris)


Stan Clark and his wife Cris were two thirds of a married thrupple with the last third being Captain Ryan Clark and they are portrayed by Sanjeev Kohli and Ginny Holder respectively. They are first introduced in the first episode of season one - I Was Flying - where they appear to be struggling with the idea of Ryan being stuck in space so long. They argue with Ryan via his communication device about him drinking to excess while Ryan tries to relay the news that he believes he will only be an extra six months rather than three years. Stan and Cris are not seen again until He's Only There To Stop His Skeleton Falling Over where they announce that they no longer wish to be married to Ryan and are getting a tri-vorce to out him from their three part marriage. Clark is obviously saddened and outraged by the reveal but neither Stan nor Cris seem to be concerned all that much; Stan is certainly more hostile while Cris appears rather uncaring. This tri-vorce is one of the primary factors which leads to Clark's eventual breakdown as well as the spike in his drinking.


Susan at Judd Mission Control

Season(s) Episode Count Portrayed By Status
1 3 Nancy Crane Alive

Susan is the liaison sent by NASA to Judd Mission Control after the accident aboard the Avenue 5. She's a middle-aged, clearly intelligent woman who seems a little paranoid and distrusting of the staff at Mission Control; she refuses to give them her laptop password. Susan also claims to have fought in the 'Huawei Wars' though this is never expanded upon. She presents NASA's idea of how to save the ship though does point out that this will be an expensive cost and that Mission Control would need to reimburse NASA for their assistance. Rav Mulcair is shocked by the price (around $4.23 trillion) and Herman Judd later insults not only NASA but Susan herself when he tells them that they have found their own solution completely unaware that he's wrong. Rav later tries to repair the situation with both Susan and NASA but doesn't reach a compromise. Susan is seen in the first three episodes of season one.



John Finnemore (Paul).png

Season(s) Episode Count Portrayed By Status
1 3 John Finnemore Alive

Paul is a pilot who makes the short shuttle journey to the Avenue 5 to deliver flavor packets and inadvertently transport Rav Mulcair to the ship when she boards shortly before he launches. When a fight over the vacant seat breaks out aboard the Avenue 5 he has to wait for them to all make a decision about who is returning to Earth, thanks to Captain Ryan Clark some order is finally regained and Paul manages to return to Earth with a very reluctant Iris Kimura as his passenger.