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Mads is a supporting character in the HBO television series Avenue 5. He is portrayed by actor Adam Pålsson and is part of the Bridge Crew; along with Sarah and Nadia.


Mads is rather quiet and usually only speaks when spoken to, not because he's shy necessarily but because he doesn't understand what's going on half the time. Mads can easily come across as disinterested or apathetic but is more often than not just carefree; most would probably label him as vapid.

Mads primarily survives on his looks alone as seen when he flirts with Mia in He's Only There To Stop His Skeleton Falling Over. Beyond using his handsome physique Mads appears to just muddle through life without a set plan on what to do, which has left him very much living in the moment.


He's a very attractive young man with short, dark, wavy hair and blue eyes. Mads is also lean, tall and always seen in his Avenue 5 uniform and as well as his glasses, however, it has never been made clear if he requires these to see or if they're just a part of his costume.


As part of the Bridge Crew it's Mads' job to essentially look busy while paying passengers or Judd are on the bridge. He helps to sell the idea that the Avenue 5 is flown and operated by only Adonis-looking people rather than letting everyone know the truth.

Character Biography[]

Avenue 5[]

Mads is a pretty laid-back person who doesn't really work that hard to keep up the pretence of being a real member of the crew; which is due to him being a model rather than an actor. It has been indicated that he isn't certain where his accent comes from by one of the real engineers down below, they joke that he thinks he's 'from Spain or somewhere' despite the accent being clearly Scandinavian.

He has a set list of lines that he constantly recycled until Billie McEvoy revealed to Ryan Clark that they were all fake, this is when Mads and his fellow Bridge Crew learned that Clark wasn't really a captain. Every since he and the others had been essentially doing nothing until Wait a Minute, Then Who Was That on the Ladder? when he was forced to once again pretend to be real crew. Mads doesn't put too much effort in and again comes across to Judd as the easy going crew member. In the same episode he repeats the lines that Cyrus feeds to all the actors via their headsets and actually appears pretty convincing until the wetsuit ruptures. However, after the damage starts no one really takes notice of Mads or anyone else.

During He's Only There To Stop His Skeleton Falling Over Mads is seen wandering around the ship with his fellow bridge actors - including Sarah and Nadia - who all seem fairly drunk due to it being the Half Way Home party. He quickly starts flirting with Mia who eventually drags him off to her room for sex. This is interrupted by Doug - Mia's husband - and an argument ensues while Mads and Spike Martin wait outside. While Doug and Mia scream at each other about who gets the room, Mads and Spike have a small conversation. Spike says that they could go to Mads' cabin to which Mads replies 'can I keep that as a back up' suggesting that both Mads and Spike may be bisexual. Doug eventually manages to destroy the evening Mia had planned and Mads retreats claiming he wasn't 'trained for this'.

Mads and Mia at the Captain's Table

In Are You a Spider, Matt? Mads is seen at the Captain's Table along with Mia. Throughout the whole thing he only comes across as tactless, especially when he comments about comas all being in the mind in front of two passengers who have a son in a coma.

When Spike Martin replaces Ryan Clark as the Avenue 5's captain in This Is Physically Hurting Me he struggles to keep the act going since Spike actually has space knowledge. Sarah, Nadia and himself do their best but they are limited to their rehearsed lines and the things they'd overheard from Billie McEvoy and the Real Crew. It doesn't take long for Spike to figure out nothing on the bridge works and he follows Spike along with Sarah when Spike goes to tell Clark, Billie and Judd. Sarah let's it slip that the Bridge Crew are all actors which only creates more panic for the passengers

While searching for Matt in Eight Arms But No Hands Mads is sent with Mia and Frank Kelly. After a few stupid comments designed to let Matt know what he looks like Mia announces that she and Mads should go on a break and storms off leaving Frank to comfort him. When he finds Rav Mulcair pushing Mia later on he instantly gets defensive of her which leads to a fight with Doug. The fight is more like two schoolboys play fighting and ends quickly when Iris points out they are running out of time.



Though married to Doug it doesn't appear that Mia has ever taken her relationship with her husband seriously. So, when they separate Mia instantly latches on to the handsome Mads. He is originally awkward around her suggesting that he's not very good at flirting but his looks get Mia to quickly overlook that and the pair head back to her cabin in He's Only There To Stop His Skeleton Falling Over. Unfortunately Doug manages to ruin the evening for Mads and Mia which has Mads backing out of the situation and leaving Mia alone.

Even though he leaves her their relationship continues and she takes him as her date to the Captain's Table in Are You a Spider, Matt? It's unclear whether Mia knew her husband would be there but she enjoys informing everyone of how happy she is sleeping with Mads.

When Matt Spencer goes missing in Eight Arms But No Hands he and Mia end up as part of a search team with Frank Kelly. Mads starts describing how handsome he is to Matt (who isn't there) only for Mia to decide they need to go on a break. Later he gets into a fight with Doug.


  • "No, I'm a model. I'm just good looking." (Mads to Clark)
  • "Well, f f firm is my middle name." (Mads to Mia)
  • "I'm sorry. I wasn't trained for this, I'm sorry.! (Mads to Mia)


  • Mads' real name is Colin.
  • He can't remember what his fake Engineering Clearance Level is.
  • He's claimed his surname to be Erbifritz.
  • Mads may be bisexual.
  • Mia mistook him for an Italian.