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Cyrus is a supporting character in the HBO television series Avenue 5. He is portrayed by actor Neil Casey.


Though clearly a genius, Cyrus is also a somewhat unabashed person who seems to be under the misconception that he is far more popular with people - specifically Billie McEvoy - than he actually is.


Cyrus is a short, pudgy man with rather pale skin. He has curly, dark auburn hair and wears loose fitting clothes. His dress code has been described as 'insolent casual' by Ryan Clark.


As one of the Real Crew it is Cyrus' job to maintain and perform updates on the Avenue 5 along with his fellow engineers. He has a station below the main bridge with the rest of his colleagues, this is where he spends most of his time.

Character Biography[]

Avenue 5[]

Cyrus had gone completely unnoticed by all of the ship, save for the rest of his division, until after the death of Joe when Billie had him run the numbers to check how long they'd be stuck in space. Originally his calculations were very optimistic and said that NASA was wrong because the extra journey time would only be an extra six months. However, Cyrus soon realized his predictions were wrong as he hasn't accounted for the lottery winners on board. When he takes these extra people into consideration he still finds NASA's three years wrong, the actually journey time is three years and six months. Obviously no one is pleased with his new conclusion, most of all Ryan Clark.

In I'm A Hand Model Cyrus drinks and chats with his fellow members of the Real Crew after Billie finally introduced Clark to them all. It is there that they come up with the idea to provide the Bridge Crew with headsets so they can direct the actors as they go. This plan fails half way through as Billie points out to him and the rest of the Real Crew that they'd forgotten to drain the wetsuit and a few moments later it ruptures.

Cyrus is the first to speak up about his irritation with Ryan struggling to learn how to pilot the ship so it docks with the rescue ships in This Is Physically Hurting Me and actually speaks the line which gives the episode its name.

While everyone searches the ship for Matt Spencer during Eight Arms But No Hands Cyrus calls Billie via their wrist communicators and tells her that they'd need to go outside the ship and cut off Joe's hands for print recognition in case Clark couldn't dock the ship. Due to recent events and the fact Clark hadn't once docked the ship successfully in the simulator Billie agrees with him. Eventually, in the season final, Cyrus does actually go and retrieve Joe's hands which he places in a transparent plastic bag thinking that would be more amusing than an opaque one.



Billie McEvoy[]

While Cyrus appears attracted to Billie McEvoy she is neither impressed nor interested in the slightest. The two have a strenuous relationship which cannot be categorized as a friendship nor a hatred despite the number of years they've known one another. Cyrus seems slightly bitter about her position as Second Engineer which is probably derived from Billie getting the NASA internship many years previous; Cyrus maintains that he 'didn't want it'. Billie and Cyrus appear perpetually fated to butt heads despite having a reluctant respect for one another's intellects.


  • "I think laterally. I'm an improviser, a maverick. Also a musician." (Cyrus to Billie)
  • "You don't see it because you live in a world of straight lines, I'm all curves, baby." (Cyrus to Billie)


  • He has claimed that his music has been downloaded 90 million times according to Billie.