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The Bridge Crew are a team of very attractive actors who portray the Avenue 5's Real Crew for the paying public.

Origin and Purpose[]

When Herman Judd had the Avenue ships built he only wanted an attractive crew so, because he isn't clear on details, the automated ships were populated with a bridge of actors which the paying passengers could view as they pleased. Judd himself is unaware that the bridge crew is populated entirely by actors and is further unaware that the Captain, Ryan Clark, is also one; as is Judd's assistant Iris Kimura.

The only people aware of the secret are: Ryan Clark, Billie McEvoy, the actors themselves and the Real Crew which is a team of engineers hidden under the bridge.

Relationship with the Real Crew[]

The Bridge Crew wasn't originally aware that Clark was not really a captain nor that the Real Crew existed. The actors that make up the Bridge Crew are practically indifferent about the engineers stationed below them in the ship. They don't share in, and are unaware of, the ridicule and irritation Billie's team feel for them.

Though they hadn't ever interacted before, the real and fake crews worked together in Wait a Minute, Then Who Was That on the Ladder?, This plan doesn't work out as intended thanks to a rupture in the wetsuit shortly after Frank Kelly had pushed the button. While the engineers below rush into action the Bridge Crew sit in amazement with everyone else and offer little to no help.

Public Display[]

While on the bridge they keep themselves as in character as possible and act rather professionally when passengers, Iris or Judd are around. However, when in other sections of the ship they are known to say whatever they please. In He's Only There To Stop His Skeleton Falling Over they are seen drunk wandering through the ship celebrating as if they had actually saved the day when in reality all they'd done was sit there tapping fake buttons. Nadia even tells Frank Kelly to 'leave it to the professionals' as she wanders along with Mads and Sarah.



Mads is one of the primary actors on the bridge who sits to the captain's left at his station with a red button that doesn't actually do anything. He often doesn't make any real attempt to act since he isn't an actor but instead a model, so, usually, just sits idle without much care, Mads just sits there looking pretty. However, when Judd is around he will put on just as much of a show as the others and can be rather convincing. His real name is Colin.


Sarah is seated with several others at the front left of the bridge. She is in control of the light switch which turns the bridge lights from white-blue to red and operates the button that raises and lowers the steering wheel for Ryan Clark. She's quite adamant that she gets her character right and will ask Billie's and Ryan's opinions on how her character should act or be feeling. Her character name and her real name are both Sarah.


Nadia sits on the captain's right usually pretending to be doing something on the computer screen at her station. She is probably the worst of the actors as she is easily flustered and always falls back on the term 'nominal'. Nadia uses the word so much that it has easily become not only a catchphrase but a point of ridicule for Billie McEvoy, Ryan Clark and the Real Crew. Her true name is unknown.


  • Clark wasn't originally aware the Bridge Crew wasn't real. He had no idea until Billie told him. (I'm A Hand Model)