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The Avenue 5 in space.

For the television series, see Avenue 5.

The Avenue 5 is a luxury space cruise ship operated by the Judd brand.

Crew members[]

Ship Functions[]


The wetsuit - also coined the 'turd cloak' by Billie McEvoy - is a system which allows all the human waste produced aboard the ship to be used to create a shield-like barrier around the Avenue 5. This protective wetsuit prevents space radiation from damaging the ship and killing all the souls aboard.

It was damaged in Wait a Minute, Then Who Was That on the Ladder? when the engineers of the Real Crew forgot to vent it. Captain Ryan Clark - with Billie's aid - manages to stop the excrement gushing from the ship for which Clark is praised as a hero while Billie is almost entirely ignored.

Unfortunately the ship has it's own gravitational pull because it is so large and so the faecal matter ended up forming a ring around the ship which orbits them just as the four coffins do.


The Delay[]

Due to the distance between the Avenue 5 and Earth there is a delay between communications of twenty-six seconds; although that is likely to change the further away from Earth they get.

This delay irritates most people aboard and at Mission Control, however, it is Herman Judd who is most angered by it. He demanded that the problem get fixed, despite being told there really wasn't much to be done about it, which resulted in the First Engineer, Joe, being outside the ship when the gravity shifted and subsequently caused his death.